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Originally Posted by Bronco LB 52 View Post
Beckett's strikeout rate has declined in three consecutive seasons. That is what worries me. I like the more dominant Beckett of the past, but that version could never stay healthy. The 2006 version finally stayed healthy for the duration of a season, but he was mediocre and less overpowering.

I agree with -Slap-, Beckett is a Catch-22. Can he be his dominant self again AND last through an entire season?
It probably helped him earlier in his career pitching in a a pretty big park in Florida.

There are a lot of pitchers who are dominant when healthy. Our own Jake Peavy is one. He gutted out a pretty good second half last year...finishing 1 K short of tying for his second strikeout title.

The point of my previous post was that it's pretty silly to call a pitcher who was a World Series MVP...a bust. If it's possible...I hope the Madres have a World Series MVP/bust this season.
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