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Darris Nash

Originally Posted by Big Guy View Post
Does anyone have an honest assessment of Hirsh and Buchholz, the pitchers the Rockies received in the Jennings trade?
As an Astros fan, here's what I think after watching them last season.

Buchholz has good pitches and can be surprisingly effective when he stops worrying about pitching to spots. He has a good curve and a live fastball. What he really needs is good health and the confidence that he can get good hitters out. I'm not sure where he'll find that at Coors.

Hirsh is a big guy, much like Scott Elarton, but he does not throw as hard as you'd expect for someone so big. Control is his specialty and I think he had 2-3 starter written all over him before the trade. I think Coors will mess with him big time, just like it did with Kile and Hampton. If he learns to handle it, he could be good but I'm afraid pitching regularly at Coors may set him back years.

BTW, I read that MLB set down rules this off-season about the conditions in which game balls are stored so say "good bye" to humidor balls that gave pitchers in Denver a fair chance. If you own a fantasy team, sign up those Rockie hitters and get rid of those Rockie pitchers. The days of 18-15 games will be back in Denver.
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