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Originally Posted by SoCalBronco View Post
Haha...we were due a long time ago, I cant believe we have gone 14-0-2 in our last 16, a loss wont kill me. Anyway, we are only down by a goal with more than a period to go. I feel pretty confident about our offense generating at least one more goal in this game, we'll see if our D and Flower can step up.
Me either.

Yeah this team is fun to watch because they can get themselves out of a jam. However, that's the weakness. But hell, this team can't be overhauled overnight. We have a lot of the young guys stepping up.

Brooks has been playing well as of late (last few games i had seen). Whitney is really getting better. Sometimes it's hard to be patient, alot of these guys are like 23-25.

Like i said we need another eaton type and two solid wingers (either one develops, or we get some),
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