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Originally Posted by Bronco LB 52 View Post

Was that a mock or actual draft?

Brian Roberts is a great grab in the tenth. He's the #2 second baseman on my board after Utley.

Starting pitching is indeed thin in depth, but having Zumaya, Lidge and Broxton as relievers will help in Ks. Are Homer Bailey or Phil Hughes still available? They are probably the best bets to have a Justin Verlander type of rookie campaign. Who are the best starters still available?
That's a real draft. My first team of many this year. I had another draft yesterday. I think Roberts was the best value pick I made in that draft, too. I have him and Cano 2A and 2B this year and then a precipitous dropoff.

I think the depth in starting pitching lies between rounds 8-15 this year. Almost unbelievable how much quality SP in that range this year, but in this particular draft, all pitching was a little overvalued.

I had a great trade worked out, but the little weasel backed out at the last second after we already agreed to the terms.

I was sending Vernon Wells and Brian Fuentes and getting back Chris Carpenter and Milton "Psycho" Bradley.

Its no big deal. I have lots of big bats, so somebody will eventually give me the right deal for an Ace to anchor my staff. Its only a matter of time, and with 162 games to hash this thing out, time is on my side.

I plan to roll four RP early (provided I have four guys who are actually closing) to build up saves and then I'll catch up in wins and Ks with some well-placed two-start pitchers off the WW.

Surplus closers can often be the final piece to some blockbuster trades, too. I try to start every roto season with four or five of them. February drafts will also see me taking flyers on guys who are circling the job. As we get nearer the season, my staff might be comprised of more guys with clearer defined roles, or maybe not.

I took Akinori Otsuka in round 21. If Eric (15 IP in the last two years) Gagne falls apart again, I landed an excellent closer 8-10 rounds early.

Its also nice to have a pitcher on the back of your roster you don't care about releasing when the inevitable SP gems start popping up on the WW.

Daisuke went in round nine, Jens, two picks after I took Trevor Hoffman. I thought hard about him, but decided I couldn't wait any longer on my first closer.

Here are the pick by pick draft results:

Round 1
1 P10-DG--Gamers Albert Pujols (1B STL)
2 Seabrook Bulldogs Jose B. Reyes (SS NYM)
3 Brick n' Ivy Killaz Johan Santana (P MIN)
4 Seven Aces Alex Rodriguez (3B NYY)
5 Power Alley Alfonso Soriano (OF CHC)
6 Foster Doodle Ryan Howard (1B PHI)
7 Win. Or Die Trying, Chase Utley (2B PHI)
8 Tractors, Rakes and Hoes II Miguel M. Cabrera (3B FLA)
9 #13 Carl Crawford (OF TB)
10 Evil Empire 2 David Ortiz (U BOS)

Round 2
11 Evil Empire 2 Vladimir Guerrero (OF ANA)
12 #13 Carlos Beltran (OF NYM)
13 Tractors, Rakes and Hoes II Grady Sizemore (OF CLE)
14 Win. Or Die Trying, David Wright (3B NYM)
15 Foster Doodle Joe Mauer (C MIN)
16 Power Alley Jason Bay (OF PIT)
17 Seven Aces Lance Berkman (1B HOU)
18 Brick n' Ivy Killaz Travis Hafner (U CLE)
19 Seabrook Bulldogs Manny Ramirez (OF BOS)
20 P10-DG--Gamers Victor J. Martinez (C CLE)

Round 3
21 P10-DG--Gamers Miguel Tejada (SS BAL)
22 Seabrook Bulldogs Mark Teixeira (1B TEX)
23 Brick n' Ivy Killaz Derek Jeter (SS NYY)
24 Seven Aces Matt Holliday (OF COL)
25 Power Alley Jimmy Rollins (SS PHI)
26 Foster Doodle Carlos N. Lee (OF HOU)
27 Win. Or Die Trying, Chris Carpenter (P STL)
28 Tractors, Rakes and Hoes II Adam Dunn (OF CIN)
29 #13 Derrek Lee (1B CHC)
30 Evil Empire 2 Francisco Rodriguez (P ANA)

Round 4
31 Evil Empire 2 Hanley Ramirez (SS FLA)
32 #13 Aramis Ramirez (3B CHC)
33 Tractors, Rakes and Hoes II Bobby Abreu (OF NYY)
34 Win. Or Die Trying, Carlos Zambrano (P CHC)
35 Foster Doodle Garrett Atkins (3B COL)
36 Power Alley Andruw Jones (OF ATL)
37 Seven Aces Ichiro Suzuki (OF SEA)
38 Brick n' Ivy Killaz Scott Kazmir (P TB)
39 Seabrook Bulldogs Brandon Webb (P ARI)
40 P10-DG--Gamers Roy Oswalt (P HOU)

Round 5
41 P10-DG--Gamers Roy Halladay (P TOR)
42 Seabrook Bulldogs B.J. Ryan (P TOR)
43 Brick n' Ivy Killaz Brian McCann (C ATL)
44 Seven Aces Vernon Wells (OF TOR)
45 Power Alley Justin Morneau (1B MIN)
46 Foster Doodle Joe Nathan (P MIN)
47 Win. Or Die Trying, Michael Young (SS TEX)
48 Tractors, Rakes and Hoes II Jake Peavy (P SD)
49 #13 Jermaine Dye (OF CHW)
50 Evil Empire 2 Juan Pierre (OF LA)

Round 6
51 Evil Empire 2 Billy Wagner (P NYM)
52 #13 Hideki Matsui (OF NYY)
53 Tractors, Rakes and Hoes II Mariano Rivera (P NYY)
54 Win. Or Die Trying, Chone Figgins (OF ANA)
55 Foster Doodle J.J. Putz (P SEA)
56 Power Alley Huston Street (P OAK)
57 Seven Aces Rafael Furcal (SS LA)
58 Brick n' Ivy Killaz Johnny Damon (OF NYY)
59 Seabrook Bulldogs Ben Sheets (P MIL)
60 P10-DG--Gamers Gary Sheffield (OF DET)

Round 7
61 P10-DG--Gamers Felix Hernandez (P SEA)
62 Seabrook Bulldogs Robinson Cano (2B NYY)
63 Brick n' Ivy Killaz Bobby Jenks (P CHW)
64 Seven Aces Prince Fielder (1B MIL)
65 Power Alley Chipper Jones (3B ATL)
66 Foster Doodle Paul Konerko (1B CHW)
67 Win. Or Die Trying, Carlos Delgado (1B NYM)
68 Tractors, Rakes and Hoes II Julio Lugo (SS BOS)
69 #13 Jered Weaver (P ANA)
70 Evil Empire 2 Jim Thome (U CHW)

Round 8
71 Evil Empire 2 Magglio Ordonez (OF DET)
72 #13 Ryan Zimmerman (3B WAS)
73 Tractors, Rakes and Hoes II* Carlos Guillen (SS DET)
74 Win. Or Die Trying, Chris Ray (P BAL)
75 Foster Doodle Brett Myers (P PHI)
76 Power Alley Todd Helton (1B COL)
77 Seven Aces John Smoltz (P ATL)
78 Brick n' Ivy Killaz Mark Teahen (3B KC)
79 Seabrook Bulldogs Nick Swisher (OF OAK)
80 P10-DG--Gamers Troy Glaus (3B TOR)

Round 9
81 P10-DG--Gamers Jason Giambi (1B NYY)
82 Seabrook Bulldogs John Lackey (P ANA)
83 Brick n' Ivy Killaz Adrian Gonzalez (1B SD)
84 Seven Aces Trevor Hoffman (P SD)
85 Power Alley Jason Schmidt (P LA)
86 Foster Doodle Daisuke Matsuzaka (P BOS)
87 Win. Or Die Trying, Scott Rolen (3B STL)
88 Tractors, Rakes and Hoes II Takashi Saito (P LA)
89 #13 Jeremy Bonderman (P DET)
90 Evil Empire 2 Aaron Harang (P CIN)

Round 10
91 Evil Empire 2 Alex Rios (OF TOR)
92 #13 Matt Cain (P SF)
93 Tractors, Rakes and Hoes II Josh Beckett (P BOS)
94 Win. Or Die Trying, Chad Cordero (P WAS)
95 Foster Doodle Cole Hamels (P PHI)
96 Power Alley Rickie Weeks (2B MIL)
97 Seven Aces Brian Roberts (2B BAL)
98 Brick n' Ivy Killaz Mike Piazza (C OAK)
99 Seabrook Bulldogs Francisco Cordero (P MIL)
100 P10-DG--Gamers Jason Isringhausen (P STL)

Round 11
101 P10-DG--Gamers Delmon Young (OF TB)
102 Seabrook Bulldogs J.D. Drew (OF BOS)
103 Brick n' Ivy Killaz Howie Kendrick (2B ANA)
104 Seven Aces Brad Lidge (P HOU)
105 Power Alley C.C. Sabathia (P CLE)
106 Foster Doodle Rocco Baldelli (OF TB)
107 Win. Or Die Trying, Dan Haren (P OAK)
108 Tractors, Rakes and Hoes II Tom Gordon (P PHI)
109 #13 Erik Bedard (P BAL)
110 Evil Empire 2 Richie Sexson (1B SEA)

Round 12
111 Evil Empire 2 Felipe Lopez (SS WAS)
112 #13 Bill Hall (SS MIL)
113 Tractors, Rakes and Hoes II Dontrelle Willis (P FLA)
114 Win. Or Die Trying, Raul Ibanez (OF SEA)
115 Foster Doodle Jeff Francoeur (OF ATL)
116 Power Alley Torii Hunter (OF MIN)
117 Seven Aces Brian Fuentes (P COL)
118 Brick n' Ivy Killaz Barry Zito (P SF)
119 Seabrook Bulldogs Russell Martin (C LA)
120 P10-DG--Gamers Eric Gagne (P TEX)

Round 13
121 P10-DG--Gamers Jonathan Papelbon (P BOS)
122 Seabrook Bulldogs Chad Tracy (3B ARI)
123 Brick n' Ivy Killaz Corey Patterson (OF BAL)
124 Seven Aces Rich Harden (P OAK)
125 Power Alley Michael Barrett (C CHC)
126 Foster Doodle Dan Uggla (2B FLA)
127 Win. Or Die Trying, Chris R. Young (P SD)
128 Tractors, Rakes and Hoes II Ervin Santana (P ANA)
129 #13 Justin Verlander (P DET)
130 Evil Empire 2 Randy Johnson (P ARI)

Round 14
131 Evil Empire 2 Ramon Hernandez (C BAL)
132 #13 Todd Jones (P DET)
133 Tractors, Rakes and Hoes II Kenji Johjima (C SEA)
134 Win. Or Die Trying, Scott Olsen (P FLA)
135 Foster Doodle Adam Wainwright (P STL)
136 Power Alley Curt Schilling (P BOS)
137 Seven Aces Rich Hill (P CHC)
138 Brick n' Ivy Killaz Michael Cuddyer (OF MIN)
139 Seabrook Bulldogs Adam A. LaRoche (1B PIT)
140 P10-DG--Gamers Nick Markakis (OF BAL)

Round 15
141 P10-DG--Gamers John Patterson (P WAS)
142 Seabrook Bulldogs Dave Bush (P MIL)
143 Brick n' Ivy Killaz Chris Capuano (P MIL)
144 Seven Aces Jorge Posada (C NYY)
145 Power Alley Coco Crisp (OF BOS)
146 Foster Doodle Brad Hawpe (OF COL)
147 Win. Or Die Trying, Barry Bonds (OF SF)
148 Tractors, Rakes and Hoes II Pat Burrell (OF PHI)
149 #13 Ivan Rodriguez (C DET)
150 Evil Empire 2 A.J. Burnett (P TOR)

Round 16
151 Evil Empire 2 Brandon Phillips (2B CIN)
152 #13 Josh Barfield (2B CLE)
153 Tractors, Rakes and Hoes II Lyle Overbay (1B TOR)
154 Win. Or Die Trying, A.J. Pierzynski (C CHW)
155 Foster Doodle Gary Matthews (OF ANA)
156 Power Alley Jose Valverde (P ARI)
157 Seven Aces Joel Zumaya (P DET)
158 Brick n' Ivy Killaz Josh Willingham (OF FLA)
159 Seabrook Bulldogs Hank Blalock (3B TEX)
160 P10-DG--Gamers Aubrey Huff (1B BAL)

Round 17
161 P10-DG--Gamers Alex Gordon (3B KC)
162 Seabrook Bulldogs Mike Cameron (OF SD)
163 Brick n' Ivy Killaz Andy Pettitte (P NYY)
164 Seven Aces Johnny Estrada (C MIL)
165 Power Alley Bronson Arroyo (P CIN)
166 Foster Doodle Eric Chavez (3B OAK)
167 Win. Or Die Trying, Craig Monroe (OF DET)
168 Tractors, Rakes and Hoes II Nomar Garciaparra (1B LA)
169 #13 Bob Wickman (P ATL)
170 Evil Empire 2 Mike Mussina (P NYY)

Round 18
171 Evil Empire 2 Adrian Beltre (3B SEA)
172 #13 Frank Thomas (U TOR)
173 Tractors, Rakes and Hoes II Jason Varitek (C BOS)
174 Win. Or Die Trying, Morgan Ensberg (3B HOU)
175 Foster Doodle Josh Johnson (P FLA)
176 Power Alley Mark Prior (P CHC)
177 Seven Aces John Maine (P NYM)
178 Brick n' Ivy Killaz Ryan P. Freel (OF CIN)
179 Seabrook Bulldogs Eric Byrnes (OF ARI)
180 P10-DG--Gamers Jeff Kent (2B LA)

Round 19 181 P10-DG--Gamers Jeremy Hermida (OF FLA)
182 Seabrook Bulldogs Octavio Dotel (P KC)
183 Brick n' Ivy Killaz Javier Vazquez (P CHW)
184 Seven Aces Carlos Quentin (OF ARI)
185 Power Alley Ken Griffey (OF CIN)
186 Foster Doodle Joel Pineiro (P BOS)
187 Win. Or Die Trying, Brad Penny (P LA)
188 Tractors, Rakes and Hoes II Chien-Ming Wang (P NYY)
189 #13 Chuck H. James (P ATL)
190 Evil Empire 2 Ronny Paulino (C PIT)

Round 20
191 Evil Empire 2 Derek Lowe (P LA)
192 #13 Bengie Molina (C SF)
193 Tractors, Rakes and Hoes II Chris B. Young (OF ARI)
194 Win. Or Die Trying, Rod Barajas (C PHI)
195 Foster Doodle Gerald Laird (C TEX)
196 Power Alley Salomon Torres (P PIT)
197 Seven Aces Luke Scott (OF HOU)
198 Brick n' Ivy Killaz Joe Crede (3B CHW)
199 Seabrook Bulldogs Paul Lo Duca (C NYM)
200 P10-DG--Gamers Ryan Dempster (P CHC)

Round 21
201 P10-DG--Gamers Jeremy Sowers (P CLE)
202 Seabrook Bulldogs Kevin Millwood (P TEX)
203 Brick n' Ivy Killaz Chad Billingsley (P LA)
204 Seven Aces Akinori Otsuka (P TEX)
205 Power Alley Kelvim Escobar (P ANA)
206 Foster Doodle Boof Bonser (P MIN)
207 Win. Or Die Trying, Mark Buehrle (P CHW)
208 Tractors, Rakes and Hoes II Stephen O. Drew (SS ARI)
209 #13 Roger Clemens (P HOU)
210 Evil Empire 2 Willy Taveras (OF COL)

Round 22
211 Evil Empire 2 Kerry Wood (P CHC)
212 #13 Jose A. Contreras (P CHW)
213 Tractors, Rakes and Hoes II Jason Jennings (P HOU)
214 Win. Or Die Trying, Conor Jackson (1B ARI)
215 Foster Doodle Freddy Sanchez (3B PIT)
216 Power Alley Jason Kendall (C OAK)
217 Seven Aces Edwin Encarnacion (3B CIN)
218 Brick n' Ivy Killaz Taylor Tankersley (P FLA)
219 Seabrook Bulldogs Joe Borowski (P CLE)
220 P10-DG--Gamers Cliff Lee (P CLE)
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