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The Seven Aces Roto Formula forbids me to select any pitchers in the first seven rounds unless I can justify them as a legitimate steal at that point in the draft. I identified a dozen pitchers as worthy of drafting that high this season.

Johan Santana - 5th overall pick
Chris Carpenter - 4th round
Roy Oswalt - 5th round
Carlos Zambrano - 5th round
Brandon Webb - 6th round
Roy Halladay - 6th round
Jake Peavy - 6th round
Joe Nathan - 6th round
Francisco Rodriguez - 6th round
Billy Wagner - 7th round
BJ Ryan - 7th round
Mariano Rivera - 7th round

Nobody fell into that criteria in this draft, so this team is tilted strongly towards offense. Hitters are much more reliable than pitchers, so I favor an 8/2 hitting/pitching split in the first ten rounds.

Seven Aces I

3B 1 (#4) Alex Rodriguez (3B NYY)
1B 2 (#17) Lance Berkman (1B HOU)
OF 3 (#24) Matt Holliday (LF COL)
OF 4 (#37) Ichiro Suzuki (RF SEA)
OF 5 (#44) Vernon Wells (CF TOR)
SS 6 (#57) Rafael Furcal (SS LA)
1B 7 (#64) Prince Fielder (1B MIL)
P0 8 (#77) John Smoltz (SP ATL)
P0 9 (#84) Trevor Hoffman (RP SD)
2B 10 (#97) Brian Roberts (2B BAL)
P0 11 (#104) Brad Lidge (RP HOU)
P0 12 (#117) Brian Fuentes (RP COL)
P0 13 (#124) Rich Harden (SP OAK)
P0 14 (#137) Rich Hill* (SP CHC)
C0 15 (#144) Jorge Posada (C NYY)
P0 16 (#157) Joel Zumaya (RP DET)
C0 17 (#164) Johnny Estrada (C MIL)
P0 18 (#177) John Maine (SP NYM)
OF 19 (#184) Carlos Quentin (RF ARI)
OF 20 (#197) Luke Scott (RF HOU)
P0 21 (#204) Akinori Otsuka (RP TEX)
3B 22 (#217) Edwin Encarnacion (3B CIN)

P Rich Hill* traded for 3B Mark Teahen

P FA Greg Maddux
P FA Jonathan Broxton
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