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Originally Posted by Clockwork Orange View Post
The problem is that trading Helton will have little to no impact on whether or not Holliday or Atkins is re-signed. Charlie Monfort has already basically said that Holliday will be too expensive to sign. No comment on Atkins, but one more season like last year will likely put him on the next train out of town, too. This ownership simply doesn't want to pay anyone.
Depends, the new revenue sharing deal does enforce something of a base salary, and Monfort has a history of paying lip service to fielding a "competitive" team. If he cleared half of Helton's money off the books I think it'd be just what he'd need to resign Holliday or Atkins (not both) to a $10M per deal or so, where he'd be pocketing a couple million of the Helton savings on the back end with the perfect excuse of "Helton's savings kept Holliday/Atkins".

Originally Posted by Bronco LB 52 View Post
I agree. The Red Sox would be also wise to send Craig Hansen back to Pawtucket. He didn't dominate at the Triple-A level last year, his command was subpar the entire season and he had difficulty establishing his slider.

How do you think Piniero will fare? He's always been an Ace type talent, but poor mechanics and arm woes doomed him in Seattle. He did pitch better during a 2nd half reassignment to the bullpen. He lowered his arm angle getting more sink on his fastball and his vital ratios improved. Do you think he will break camp as the closer? The Red Sox couldn't possibly go more than a month with Timlin at this point in his career.
I honestly don't see Hansen getting a lot out of being backin Pawtucket. Its better for him to start there to make sure his delivery working well again, but his stuff is so far beyond what most Triple A pitchers have it'll do him little good from a competition standpoint. I watched a good amount of Hansen's minor league career since a big chunk was spent in Portland (I'm from Maine). He's got what it takes if he'd just put it together consistently.

I'm hopeful on Piniero, but only to a certain extent. I don't think he'll become an elite closer, but he could become a very solid one. Will he break camp with the role? I don't think so. I personally am betting on a closer by committee style early look with Timlin getting the closing chances for the first month due to Francona's unfamiliarity with most anyone else vying for the role. Okajima will open up strong and take the job if Piniero or Delcarmen hasn't proven themselves capable to that point. If that happens he'll hang onto it until the later part of the season when I think it'll likely be given to Hansen.

Piniero's contract is structured to guarantee him considerable money if he wins the closer's role so I think the FO has probably given Francona the message, Piniero only finishes games if he's earned the closer role convincingly.

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