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Originally Posted by Drek View Post
I don't know, Helton's performance dropped some last year, Colorado has a pretty good 1B coming up through the system, and Helton is already 1/4th the payroll and that percentage will only go up.

If moving Helton lets them resign Holliday and Hawpe when their deals come due I'd say its worth it. As it is they'll hang onto Helton, he'll draw just enough for them to make a profit and never do a damn thing to improve the team.
The problem is that trading Helton will have little to no impact on whether or not Holliday or Atkins is re-signed. Charlie Monfort has already basically said that Holliday will be too expensive to sign. No comment on Atkins, but one more season like last year will likely put him on the next train out of town, too. This ownership simply doesn't want to pay anyone.
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