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Originally Posted by -Slap- View Post
I trust Bedard more and I think he has a higher ceiling.

I don't know if I would keep either of them, though.

How many keepers do you get?
Im keeping Natan, Pettite, Zambrano, and Beckett. Arroyo is the 16th rated pitcher in that league so I'm leaning towards him just because I think I have a better chance at getting Bedard in the draft. I'm very high on Bedard and I worry that the NL will catch on to Arroyo as well but still early on I think I could move him if he is pitching well. I have Pedro but I can't afford to wait on him and Colon is too iffy to keep. The other guy that I like is Ervin Santana, but I just don't know about him right now. As is I have the third best pitching staff in my division. I guess thats what I get for setting out a year during a keep league. (more like forced out a year)
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