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The off-season.
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"The Greek"

Originally Posted by Mtbrncofn View Post
I've read that a time or two and it would be horrible. Horrible.
From today.

PHILLYBURBS.COM/DELAWARE COUNTY TIMES: both reported yesterday Philadelphia Flyers chairman Ed Snider wants to retain captain Peter Forsberg, hoping to extend his contract and vowing to do whatever it takes to keep the talented Swede in Philadelphia. Forsberg was pleased by Snider's comments and hopes to meet with him soon to discuss his and the team's future.

(Edit: It seems like by now someone would have been able go put together a boot for Peter's crooked apparently right now that's his main problem. It probably causes part of his groin issues as well...seeing as how he has compensate somehow for the discomfort. I'd just as soon he stays in Philly, but if he does stay they need to yank the C off of him, and give it to a more stable [physically, and emotionally] player.)

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