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Originally Posted by jth1331 View Post
Wow, what a surprise you are backing Okur, a Jazz, Mr. Jazz fan. Camby is the better defensive guy, and thats what I want in a Center. Heck, I'd maybe consider Ben Wallace over Okur.
I am not arguing that there aren't other good centers in the league. Okur is more like a power forward than a center, but he does play the center. I just said that he has played well enough (at least offensively, which is what All-stars usually do) to be a possible replacement. He has come up big at big times to win games. As a Jazz fan, I have seen him play, so why is it so bad that I back him up? I'm not the only person that has said that he could be an all-star this year. To say that you'd rather have other people that play defense is understandable, and I partially agree with that. I would love to have a center that is a great defender. But that doesn't mean that Okur hasn't been good this year, it just means you prefer other players that are good. I'd much rather have a player like Raja Bell on the Jazz than Kobe Bryant, but that doesn't mean that Raja Bell is better than Kobe. I am just saying that Okur deserves a look as a replacement, and I hope he gets in. You can agree with me or not. It's as simple as that.
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