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Originally Posted by Bronco LB 52 View Post
I agree with a lot of what Tracy Ringolsby had to say. The Rockies did the wise thing by not getting caught up in the wreckless spending that was going on this offseason. Off the top of my head, I can't think of more than 2 or 3 reasonable, long-term deals that were handed out this winter.

I agree with the sentiment here for the most part, the organization eventually needs to take some risks. You can't win a championship sitting on your hands. The Detroit Tigers took a lot of heat by the "Moneyball" nerds for signing Ivan Rodriguez and Magglio Ordonez a few years back, but both ended up being key veteran cogs on an American League championship team mixed with quite a bit of young talent. GM Dave Dombrowski had no choice at the time but generate some interest in the team after their historic season of futility.

When it becomes a buyers market or there's a lucrative opportunity via trade, I hope the Rockies eventually take a chance. The fans came out in droves in the 90s when the franchise put on a show. The Monforts need to invest some money into the team, excite people and they will get a nice return on it by selling more tickets, drawing higher TV ratings and slinging more merchandise.

Why haven't the Rockies ever signed a real bopper to play in Denver? I'm talking about somebody like Adam Dunn or Andruw Jones, bring in somebody who go after the tainted 73* in the thin air and generate some excitement for once.

The small market Oakland-Minnesota excuse is a bunch of baloney. Denver has a more advantageous market than half of baseball. The entire Rocky Mountain region is theirs. This isn't Milwaukee, Miami or San Diego. I remember my relatives up in the Black Hills of South Dakota always watched Rockies games because they were part of their home market and they were on TV every evening. Portland, Oregon is a huge revenue maker for the Seattle Mariners. I see no reason why the Rockies can't untap the potential of Salt Lake City or Albuquerque.
No one wants them to go out and throw crazy money at average players, people just want ownership to show a commitment to winning. It doesn't help matters when they collect $16 million from revenue sharing and immediatly announce that none of it will be used to improve the team. It really doesn't help matters any when one of the owners comes out and makes statements like the ones above. Fans here are disgruntled as it is and hearing things like this directly from the top is just soul-crushingly depressing.

As for getting a big bopper, I'll always contend that one of the Rockies biggest mistakes (and there have been many) was not going after Mike Piazza when Florida was looking to dump him. He absolutely murdered the ball whenever he played at Coors Field and he'd have been a perfect fit for this team. Alas, much like their chance to land Pedro Martinez, they let it slip away.

This region wants so badly to support this team, but they don't give anyone a reason to. It makes it worse when you can't even get attatched to the homegrown players because ownership doesn't want to pay them either.

The Monforts no longer seem to be interested in generating any excitement. They're content to sell 20,000 tickets (drawing closer to 10,000) per game and collect welfare checks from MLB. They treat this team like a business and nothing more.
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