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Originally Posted by ludo21 View Post
Well this season im all homer for NAsh for MVP.
Last season he truly was deserving of MVP. Amare out, Thomas out most the year.
So no real post prescense. He got Diaw to be a great player, Barbosa learned tons last season, got open shots for everyone, and got us to the Western Conf. Finals and pushed it to 6 games by basically going with only 6 players.
insane! This year he has better numbers, but he has an improved Diaw, improved Barbosa and Amare back to help him.
but i wont mind a bit if he wins again
He got Diaw to be a great player, he got Barbosa to be better, Marion to be better, and Stoudemire to be better?

That's insane.

Marion would disagree with you. (Make sure you remove highlight-fueled homerism glasses for this...) He's said several times that he was just as good before Nash got there.
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