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I eat just about anything Seafood and love sushi and raw product. I own a wholesale seafood company that supplies restaurants, Sushi bars and Grocery stores on the Central Coast of California. I've got a ton of Recipes that are from our Restaurant Customers, we use in the local grocery chains as promotional material and such I'll post them from work tomorrow.

Meck do you like BBQ'd Oysters's as well as Raw. They're awesome for tialgating. You use a large Pacific Oyster such as a Fanny Bay, Malaspina, Chef Creek Etc, and put them cup side (the round part of the shell) down on the grill, wait till the just open and cover them with a little butter, garlic and white wine. They're easy and great...

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Not really tailgate food but man I've been killing some sushi grade tuna lately. Forget the rice and all the fancy stuff.

Get a nice chunk of sushi grade tuna
Cut into small pieces
Hit it with lime, sea salt, touch of wasabi, ginger

Wash down with an ice cold beer

Doesn't hurt to have a half dozen premium oysters laying around either. Lately my shop has been shipping in Malpecs. I like to marinate them in a ponzu sauce for about 10 minutes. Sprinkle with sea salt/lime/touch of chives and pop em down the hatch.

I dig steaks and such but you just can't beat the right grade/fresh/raw seafood.

Anyone else out there into the raw slimy stuff?
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