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Craig Morton

Originally Posted by Disco Man View Post
Montreal to host 2009 all star game
R.I.P Lorne "Gump" Worsley the Hall of Fame goaltender from the '60s and 70's for the Canadians. Died yesterday at the age of 77. One of the last to go without a mask. Remember seeing the Gumper as a kid when they played the Blues in the Stanley Cup finals. His coach told him he couldn't play goal with a beerbelly. Gumper said "hey, I'm a rye man." One of the best to ever mind the nets was how Ken Dryden recalled the Gumper. Record isn't all that great because he played his first nine seasons with a lousy Rangers team. Was traded by the Rangers to the Canadians. Gump said he saw the trade on TV and to this day no one with the Rangers ever told him he was traded. Four cup rings later I think he's glad he was. Having a rye tonight for "The Gumper" a true legend of a man.
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