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Pat Bowlen

I'm not sure it's a bad baseball decision to move Helton. They move Atkins to first, and open up a spot for Ian Stewart to play in the big leagues. That sounds great. The problems I have are:

1) Why do it if you're going to eat half of his salary? The question then becomes, can you get someone as valuable as Helton for half of what he's paid? The answer to that is no. Helton is overpaid, based on his production. But I don't think he's overpaid double, based on the current MLB economy.

2) Mike Lowell? Julian Tavarez? Am I missing something? They have just under $25 million left on their contracts. Throw in eating half of Helton's contract ($91 million), and you end up trading $91 million in contracts for $70 million in contracts. In the process, you are getting rid of the face of your franchise - the only guy your fans have been able to connect with over years of mediocrity. There has to be much more to the story. Rockies ownership/management is stupid, but they couldn't be that stupid. Could they?

3 The bottom line for me is motive. I know what their motive is in doing the deal. It's the same motive they had in doing the Jennings deal. Sure, there are baseball arguments that can be made for doing both deals. But that's not what it comes down to for these clowns. They will argue that they're sound baseball moves, but that is just the end justifying the means. If they could seriously say, "Look, we're doing this deal because we feel we have to resign Holliday, Atkins, and maybe Hawpe. They are our young nucleus, and they are going to need to be paid fairly to stay here. Losing Helton is painful, but it will allow us to keep our younger nucleus in Denver," then I could stomach it. But that's not the plan. They know it. The players know it. We know it. Those guys will be gone as soon as they are able to become free agents, unless they are willing to take a deep "hometown discount." And why would they do that to stay with this organization? With this ownership?

I hate these guys. They are a curse to MLB, and the fans of the Rockies. It is shameful that they are willing to make thousands of fans suffer so that they can keep their cute little hobby in the family.
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