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Originally Posted by Bronco LB 52 View Post
What's the point of trading Helton if you're still eating over half of his contract? Let's pay Helton $45+ million to play for someone else so we can save the other half. I thought this board was harsh on the Monforts, but this story just proves they are cheap ass slimeballs that have no business being involved in ownership.

Unless Manny comes back to Denver in this, it's a rotten deal for the Rockies.
This comes as no real surprise. The Monforts simply don't want to pay anyone. They flipped Jennings for prospects for that reason. Matt Holliday will be gone before too long for that reason. Possibly Garrett Atkins, too. Moving Helton has nothing to do with anything other than not wanting to pay him the money owed to him. Honestly, does anyone believe that the Monforts are going to take any of that money saved and use it to improve the team?

On a personal note, I'd like to see Helton go to Boston. At least there he'd have a chance to be in a pennant race and play in the postseason. He's spinning his wheels here in Colorado and I'd love to see him get a shot a ring before his career is over.
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