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Originally Posted by Rascal
Currently reading Guns, Germs, and Steel. Don't agree with everything that Diamond has stated in that book but it's a good read.
"The Third Chimpanzee" was a better book I thought, even though GGS was a bigger seller. Kinda odd that in both books, he seems obsessed with Papua New Guinea ... Papua New Guinea is the test-tube for all comparisons of anthropological advancement in his view. GGS has too much opinion and surmising for me anyway. Stick to the science, you crazy Diamond. Also strange .... Diamond resigned his professorship at UCLA a couppla years ago, to accept a post at ... USC!


I'm finishing Pat Buchanan's "State of Emergency" now. I'm really on board with many of his issues - not to where I'm watching Lou Dobbs or anything insane like that - but he has excellent, well-reasoned points. He's a bit too salesman-like sometimes, though ... e.g.: whenever he lists all the crimes illegal aliens commit here, ("assault, rape and murder"), he always adds "child molesting" to his list. He does it to heighten the reader's emotional outrage, of course, but I'm not impressed that too many Mexican illegals are actually pedophiles ...

Next up is "Bait and Switch : The (futile) Pursuit of the American dream" by Barbara Ehrenreich. A "disappearing middle class" book I'm reading in honor of my two new favorite politicians and their pet issue: Jon Tester and Jim Webb.

I'm also kinda ramming through John Stossel's "Myths, Lies, and Downright Stupidity." It's interesting, but JOHN! Not everything can be solved with free market solutions, pal. Even Milton Friedman knew that government regulation has its place.

And Stossel is SO FREAKING OBSESSED with lawyers!!!! "Lawyers are killing colleges these days because they file so many Title IX lawsuits. Their actions cause colleges and taxpayers to suffer." Hey, Stossel! Where's all your free-market advocacy now? Title IX are civil-rights suits, and as such, they include attorneys fees provisions for prevailing parties ... SOOOO ... lawyers gravitate toward them. Blame the politicians!

And he makes fun of the title "Esquire" that many lawyers use after their names. He mockingly points out that it means nothing. True, but what he doesn't tell you is that attorneys are not permitted to call themselves "Doctor," even though we have doctorates. Doctorates in other fields do this, but the American Bar Association long ago decided that it gave the wrong impression to the public, so attorneys cannot call themselves "doctor," despite the fact they are. Eat them ethics, mustache-boy!

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