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Originally Posted by Indian Pony View Post
I've seen some ridiculous post in my time but some of these take the cake. I do understand the reason for Bronco homers hating him as many times as he skull drug your asses up and down the field but give me a break. Don't worry though, after the Colts win the SB you can always say he has never won a big game because the only big game is the NCAA championship. You can never go wrong with that.
Please, God, spare me from stupid chorf fans who come over here without a ****ing clue as to the SEC or Tenn! The "can't win the big one rap" on Payaton was that he went 0-4 against Florida and Spurrier. It became Ahab and the whale time. 94-96 the loss to Fla knocked them out of natl champ contention. Then, in 97, they back into the SEC championship game despite losing to Fla, and beat Auburn ... and THEN lose TO NEBRASKA - you ****ing idiot. The big game wasn't the NCAA championship, it was ****ing spurrier. Losing to you corn****ers was just the icing on the cake for Tenn fans.

And btw, in 98 not only did Tenn beat Fla, they won the natl championship. That's the killer.

Personally, I think its a team game, and payaton's teams failed in the playoffs cause Indy's defense has trouble stopping the run in bad weather on grass, but that has nothing to do with him whining about teams out physicalling his receivers or throwing teammates under the bus.

ps, Spurrier just seemed to have Tenn's defense's number.
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