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Originally Posted by Mediator12 View Post
He does. How do you know that?

I know for a fact that he does NOT stay out of the Clubs and that all his personal stuff is pretty well washed under the rug in INDY. I really used to like Manning as a person until one of my friends here confirmed a couple of local incidents that have never been made public and I saw Manning myself out in Broad Ripple (the local Bar scene) hitting on women several weeks ago. I could not believe he was that crass and Careless going into the playoffs. It really surprised me in that INDY just had the Steven Jackson incident less than a year ago.

Peyton is not who he is portrayed in the media. Surprise, surprise!

Notice you are believing what you hear. Hey he hasn't been arrested. I wouldn't expect him to stay home everynight and I'm sure he goes out and has some beers. Bottomline is even if he was talking to women do you know he was hitting on them or what he was saying to them? I'm sure the women flock to him in Indy and any normal male instinct would be to talk to them. I do know that the reason most people hate him here is due to the thrashings INDY has put on denver.
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