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Originally Posted by Mediator12 View Post
Well, let's see. His character is at issue here and he is married. Those late nights studying film might be something else altogether.

So, you all are condoning adultery if you are an NFL athlete and can have it covered up for you? Pathetic. I have always tried staying out of the moral character issue on this board, because I screw up just as much as the next guy. But to condone and even give an attaboy attitude about it is pathetic.

Does it make him a bad QB? No. Does it make him a liar and questionable character guy? Absolutely. That's all I am saying. I loved Plummer the person and hated Plummer the QB. Consider it vice versa for Manning.

Honestly i didn't eve know he was married.

On another note - i think jake is a good guy. I'd actually like to drink a few beers with jake and play some pool.
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