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Matty P

Originally Posted by rubaiyat View Post
Probably a little of both...with Blake a good fit here as a pass 1st PG, and the Nuggets scheme of pushing the ball all the time opening up more shots for him...

Thus making him more dangerous and allowing for better shots down low...reciprocating process...only to get worse with Melo getting back...who do you double?

This is really gonna be something special. We're gonna have teams trying to guard two of the highest scorers in the league. Now that we know Blake is money, any lineup combo is going to create mismatches with shooters all over place.

Move over Utah, that Division title is ours again.

By the way, I'll have to find it, but Melo had quite the letter of apology to fans today. He sounds like he's comin back with a whole new outlook on life and the game.

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