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Originally Posted by Tredici View Post
The rest of that stuff is mostly hooey. Except the scheduling. Trying to force rivalries by playing every team in the division 40 times is stupid. Why don't they tell the truth? It saves on travel costs.
No kidding. It's almost as if Bettman doesn't actually watch hockey. Here's some free advice for he and the rest of the braintrust who came up with this laughable schedule, rivalries, for the most part, are built in the playoffs.

You don't need big market teams to win the Stanley. Maybe he meant to say Canadian...

This is another joke. So maybe the large market teams should just get automatic playoff berths regardless of their records. I mean, it's for the good of the league, right? Screw teams like Nashville & Atlanta. The owners lined their pockets with the expansion fees to bring these teams on board (and subsequently watered down the league), but how dare they not know their roles and just stick to serving as fodder for the large market teams?

I have to tell you, it gave me a great deal of satisfaction to see Tampa & Carolina skate the Cup the last two seasons while Calgary & Edmonton fans were left to whine about how they deserved it so much more and how it would have meant so much more to them.

I actually like the foreign influence in the NHL. That people don't watch because of that is pure nonsense.

That's the typical xenophobic attitude of some "hockey purists." These are the same rocket scientists that loved the clutch & grab hockey we were subjected to before the lockout. The problem wasn't that the game was painfully boring, it was these gutless Russians and chicken Swedes complaining about it (nevermind that there were plenty of North Americans complaining about it, too).
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