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It doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure out what's killing hockey. It's the determined indifference of the major television networks.

The rest of that stuff is mostly hooey. Except the scheduling. Trying to force rivalries by playing every team in the division 40 times is stupid. Why don't they tell the truth? It saves on travel costs.

You don't need big market teams to win the Stanley. Maybe he meant to say Canadian...

I actually like the foreign influence in the NHL. That people don't watch because of that is pure nonsense.

What is hurting the league is a second rate bush league channel like VS and a big boy like ESPN doing everything they can to squash the sport. Thats what I don't understand. The don't have to broadcast the sport but they don't have to have their announcers showing their disdain and indifference.

Marketing is everything. Bettman has no clue.
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