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Floyd Little

Originally Posted by WABronco View Post
Apparently, BP thinks very highly of Lillibridge, and many of the prospect-guys I read seem to think that way as well. Basically, the Braves gave up a replaceable, slightly above average player for a top-shelf reliever and a great 'spect at a position of need.

LaRoche makes sense for Pittsburgh, but to me it looks like Mr. JS wins another one for Atlanta...making two in this offseason (one huge, bend-over-and-take-it-Bill Bavasi trade with Seattle, earlier).
Well, I certainly would question the "top-shelf" reliever bit after the close of last season....but it does seem to be to the benefit of both teams here.

I just happy The Pirates didn't include one of the young starters to close the deal...that alone, makes it a victory for Bucco fans everywhere.
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