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Score one for the goalie

Sidney Crosby doesn't often get shown up by a goalie.

Or as a goalie.

Both happened after a practice last week, however, when Crosby borrowed Marc-Andre Fleury's glove, blocker and stick and faced breakaways from a few teammates.

One was Fleury, who scored in rather spectacular fashion, as he cruised down the slot, then executed a spin-a-rama as he approached the net and flipped a backhander behind Crosby.

"I wanted Sid to know what it feels like to get scored on," Fleury said, smiling broadly. "I just stuck it in his face."

The final indignity for Crosby: Fleury scored the goal while using Crosby's stick.

It wasn't all bad for Crosby, though. Fleury said it was apparent that Crosby has spent a little time in goal, if only while playing street hockey.

"He has some decent technique," Fleury said. "You can see he's worked on it."

Fleury, by the way, likes to play up front when competing in pickup games, although he acknowledged that he doesn't expect to supplant Crosby as the No. 1 center.

"That's a big step for me," he said.

By the same token, Crosby isn't likely to take over as the go-to goalie. Not immediately, at least.

"You never know with that guy," Fleury said. "But maybe not this year. Probably not."
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