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This is going to be a long post(rant) so bear with me, you probably won't read it anyway.

Kings game tonight was very disappointing. Of all the games I wanted to win, this was the one I wanted to win for Luc. This is the ONE game King fans marked down on the Calendar. SUCKS we lost but it was great to see all the King players dress up in #20 with Robitaille on the back of the sweater during warmups. Also was awesome to see all the greats I grew up watching all on the ice. I saw Barry Melrose, Jay Wells,Bernie Nicholls, Gretzky, Stephane Fiset, Jari Kurri etc I could on and on. I don't think there is a classier athlete than Luc and hopefully he will be remembered as one of the...wait no THE Greatest left-winger to ever play the game. Can't wait for his Hall of Fame Induction!

If it was not for Kopitar on this team NOBODY would be watching this pitiful excuse called a hockey team. WTF! We go 0/8 on the PP? That isn't going to get **** done. You won't win hockey games being extremely crappy on the PP's. This game showed what typical King's hockey is all about this season, STUPID Penalties and a crappy PP unit. Goaltending is becoming a huge hole to this team and has been for a long long long time. We can never find a consistent or hell a HEALTHY goalie would do. Because of that we will have a top 2 pick. Looking at the standings, it sure is nice to see everyone within reach of the playoffs. This bodes well for the Kings because as the trading deadline looms it will be beneficial for the Kings. Obviously the Kings will be sellers in this market, the more buyers there is the more likely the buyer will overpay for Conroy, Norstrom, Miller etc because the more bidders there is then the higher the price goes. Witt got a prospect and a 1st last season. So I expect to see Deano pull off some shrewd moves. He already has trading a nobody Goalie in Munce for a 4th round pick. I know for a fact Dean Lombardi is looking for young defenSeimian to go with Jack Johnson. I also know he has been calling Nashville, Rangers, Flames, and pretty much anyone with young defenSeimian within reach of the playoffs. Alot of hints were said at the season ticket holder breakfast with the GM which several of my freinds went to. His motto has always been build from the Goal out.

Hopefully Bernier can fill that role by 09' supposed to be the next Brodeur/Roy. Earning alot of praise in the Juniors. Jack Johnson WILL be a King by next year. Brian Boyle is kicking ass with Boston College. O'sullivan just needs to learn how to play the corners and will be very good. Trevor Lewis is doing well in OHL with Owens Sound. Frolov is going to be a consistent 40 goal scorer. Cammelleri is having a good season. Brown is knocking the snot out of everyone. Kopitar is going to be Kopitar, had a sick sick sick shorthanded goal tonight. Probably won't win the Calder but thats fine, there are plenty of runner-ups that have moved on to great careers. Kopitar is just scratching the surface of his potential considering where came from. Kings will select a defenseman with their 2nd or 1st overall pick. Probably Alzner. Only interesting thing this season is the trading deadline, time to blow it up and rebuild Dean...
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