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Floyd Little

Originally Posted by -Slap- View Post
Bronco LB 52 will be able to give you a more informed opinion on the minor leaguers involved, but the deal seems to be one that could help both teams.

La Roche had a monster second half and his presence in the lineup will help Bay a lot.

Gonzalez is a nice pickup for the Bravos, who haven't had a decent closer option since Smoltz returned to the rotation.

I guess a lot of it depends on Saloman Torres. He was great for Pittsburgh down the stretch last year and apparently they view him as a viable short term closer option this year. If he can handle the job, it will work out to be a good deal for the Pirates. If Torres falters, its going to cost those young starters some wins.
Lillibridge is one hell of a prospect @ SS.....I do not know much about Romak but his stats appear to be decent.

As for Torres, durability is a question but if he can't hold up then Matt Capps can more than step in (actually I see a bit of a battle for that closers role there).

I'm shocked that the front office actually pulled off a move that makes sense. I was willing to bet the house that they were going to waste what little cash they have on B list FA's for a half year rental yet again. Maybe there was something to swapping Littlefield's & Nutting's titles around afterall. The move has got me looking more forward to ST than usual, hope abounds...for a Pirates fan, that's no mean feat.
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