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Originally Posted by SoCalBronco View Post
We do not have alot of talent, so thats a wrong assumption. We have ZERO NHL top 2 line caliber wingers...ZERO. Recchi is 90 years old and routinely sucks, Malone can't keep his dick in his pants long enough to work on his hockey game, Armstrong is AHL caliber, so is Christensen, Ekman is a very inaccurate shooter, there is no one to help Malkin unless he is playing with Sid. Staal is better defensively than offensively. You say "all these first overall picks", we only have two, Sid and the Flower. Our other first rounders were defensive players who are busts, like Whitney, who cant play defense worth **** and is just offense, he's basically Gonchar Jr which isnt a good thing. Caps fans call him "Whitney Spears" for spearing AO last year but I think that nickname fits Ryan perfectly on a number of fronts. The other first rounder was Orpik, who has nothing between his ears and just likes to hit, he has no concept of positioning and seems to go out of his way to get sent to the box.
I'm still totally amazed that with 5 straight years in the Top 5, all the Pens have to show for it are those 5 picks. Nothing from any other picks coming up in the system. Kudos on the quality of those 5 picks though.
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