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The off-season.
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Originally Posted by Jori View Post
Words cannot describe as to how putrid the Avs were defensively tonight.
They're slow, and passive in their own end. It's the opposite in their attacking zone.

This team is lazy, and has no heart. If they did...whether you like it or a little over the halfway point of the season at least one Av other than Lappy would have a fighting major. Has Laperierre ever won a fight?

This team has no grit. They can score...but they don't clamp down...after a big goal they fold. I have never seen an Avalanche team turn the puck over in their own end with the regularity as this year's squad.

To be a good defensive team in the NHL you need three things. 1)Discipline. 2) Heart. 3) A stomach full of bad intentions. This Avs team has none of the above in their own end.
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