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Originally Posted by SoCalBronco View Post
How do they come to the "every bit as good" conclusion?

He's good, but he's no Malkin.

Malkin has 41 points in 38 games.

Kopitar has 39 points in 45 games.

How is that even roughly equal?
Clearly Kopitar plays on a team with not as much talent as the Pens have, Kopitar doesn't have a bunch of first overall draft pick players to play with. Thats how Moose arrived to that conclusion. Early this season Malkin was projected to net between 80-100 points, while kopitar was estimated at 40 points. Malkin was supposed to have the Calder in the bag, so everyone is impressed by this kid who is making a great season without having the benefit of even a consistent line. If Kopitar played with a consistent line he would have more points. I have been raving about Kopitar before this season even began, I'm sure some on this board rolled their eyes when I said Kopitar will be a super star in this league. Malkin is good but he's no Kopitar.

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