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M. Salah

Originally Posted by Nuggets4 View Post
I actually had a club level seat for this game (won it through work). First of all, Allen Iverson is just incredible to watch. I spent most of the game just watching him. The man is a freak of nature. Second of all, I never want to sit in the club seats again as all of the douchebags around me were a pain in the ass. We had the idiot frat guys with their trophy bimbos who were there with daddy's tickets and ended up getting bombed, almost falling over, and dropping the f-bomb about every 30 seconds. Then of course we have the people that could care less about the game and gave me weird looks for cheering.

But the food is a lot better on the club level.
I can't wait to see AI play in person. I've seen him once when the 6ers visited the Nuggs, but I want to really watch him with our boys. And I really hope JR has knocked the rust off. I want to see a win, damnit.

I'm going to the game on Friday, I'm sitting Row 2, section 126. Scored killer seats on eBay, which came with passes to the elite lounge, which apparently means we get fed before the game. Anyways, hopefully the food is good and we have a good crowd in that part of the stands. It's always hard to gauge what sections will be good and which ones will be people just there to sit down.

Sorry to hear you had a not-so-good experience in the club level. Those tickets always seem so cool.
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