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Matty P
Default Why in the HELL did we just trade Earl Boykins?

Just got word that we've JUST let go Earl Boykins and Julius Hodge for STEVE BLAKE. That's right, we threw away one of the strongest, fastest, ballsiest, exciteable bench threats we have on this team for some weak ass 2nd round 3 ppg averaging nobody from the Bucks.

This move is completely out of left field, and further ensconces my deep dislike for our front office moves over the years.


Earl is one of the most effectively tenacious small men in the NBA. Teamed up with Iverson right now, he's been averaging over 20 a game as a starter.

Yes, I know J.R. Smith is back now and Iverson is our Number one guy (which i'm extremely excited about by the way) besides Melo, but why get rid of someone like Earl when our supposed "deep run into the playoffs" this year is severely lacking in the true guard dept. on the bench? Not to mention the fact that Earl is hands down the hardest working player on the court?

We just gave up the energizer bunny with game for the great white hype of milwaukee.


someone, please explain
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