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Originally Posted by Tredici View Post
I read Gibson's "Pattern Recognition" not too long ago. It had been recognized as a Notable Book but I found it strangely unappealing. A Mish Mash of a character with the ability to spot marketable new trends (coolness hunter) loads of logo info, even an internet chat forum with posts and all. But much of it seemed a bit contrived to me and an effort to get every new cultural phenomenon all jammed into one storyline. Anyway, I did manage to finish the book but I just can't say it was really an enjoyable read. Maybe I need to try something else of his.

My mistake, Tre. The Gibson featured as a character in the book is Walter Gibson, the pulp writer from the 1930's who created "The Shadow." Not William Gibson, the modern "cyberpunk" sci-fi author (whose main work is probably Neuromancer.).

The Chinatown Death Cloud Peril is actually authored by Paul Malmont, and I think this is his first novel.
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