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"The Greek"

Originally Posted by No1BroncoFan View Post
I'll have to keep an eye out for that one at the thrift store/used book store/ebay. I'm currently reading "The Sum of all Fears" by Clancy. Before that I read "Odessy" by Jack McDevitt (Sci-Fi). Not his best book, but not his worst either. He's got two out that should be must reads for any sci-fi fans. "Ancient Shores" and "Eternity Road." Absolutely amazing stories told by a master storyteller.

I have no idea what I'm gonna read next. I've got so many new (to me) books that I'm in danger of hitting some gridlock and not being able to decide. Not a bad problem to have for an avid reader.

I've read a ton of Clancy books...I thought the Cardinal of the Kremlin was fantastic. Although it's been over a decade since I read it.

I also enjoy Robert Ludlum from time to time. I recommend The Matarese Circle, and for those of you who like your spy type novels with some fresh humor...The Road to Gandalfo. Gandalfo is a very fun book...there's some suspense...the characters are interesting...and you'll laugh...unless you're a "Pricky ****".
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