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The off-season.
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Originally Posted by Bronco LB 52 View Post
Just like Denver needs d-linemen, the Padres desperately need a slugging LF more than anything else. I agree with you on that. Would you pull the trigger if the Reds or Phillies not only asked for Linebrink, but they asked for Clay Hensley and another prospect like Carrillo or Headley as well?

Headley does a lot of things well. I think he's already big league ready with the glove. Most outsiders aren't holding the Padres system in high regard, though. Which tells me giving up some of the team's Triple-A and Double-A is not such a bad idea after all. There isn't a lot of high ceiling guys in the higher levels. For instance, this prospect expert who used to work for ESPN rated Kevin Kouzmanoff as the organization's top prospect.
I would give up Linebrink, and one of the guys you mentioned (not Hensley) for Dunn long before I'd do it for Johnson. Like you said Johnson is a less than stellar human being, and he's also pretty broken down. If the Madres are going to move Linebrink, or one of their few decent prospects...I'd rather they blow it on an area of far greater need...i.e. a slugger. I hear what you're saying about signing Johnson to solidify the rotation, but Wells can be had for less...and when he was healthy last year his performance was comparable to R.J's. Obviously I'm assuming Wells really is interested in pitching in SD again, and that he'll stay a bit more healthy.

I've also heard Burrell's name well as Wily Mo possible targets.

Hopefully after the upcoming draft the Madres farm system starts to look better...considering all of the picks they managed to gather this offseason.
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