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Originally Posted by TexanBob View Post
I know this sounds coldhearted but I suspect there are thousands of children in Denver more in need of money than D-Will's children. Yes, it's terrible they no longer have a father and my heart goes out to them but the NFL support system will see to it they are taken care of. Rumor has it that some of Darrent's teammates are very wealthy. I'm sure some of them will make sure these children don't go hungry.

Better that you should give the money to the local children's hospital or local charities so orphans who did not have a rich father might be able to have some of the same benefits Williams' children will get.
Fully agree and it is not cold-hearted at all. These kinds of things always happen when someone known, popular, famous, etc. dies. It is just human nature.

However, the info is there if it makes you feel better to do something like this and donate your money. It is your money, do with it as you please. Perhaps DWill's family will turn right around and put that money right back into their community in some form. I'm sure his family will wish to keep going the plans he had layed down. Shanny even said the same thing in his press interview: they'll make sure to keep alive the things he wanted to do.

It is all good and I'm sure it'll go where it is needed eventually.
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