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Originally Posted by TexanBob View Post
I know this sounds coldhearted but I suspect there are thousands of children in Denver more in need of money than D-Will's children. Yes, it's terrible they no longer have a father and my heart goes out to them but the NFL support system will see to it they are taken care of. Rumor has it that some of Darrent's teammates are very wealthy. I'm sure some of them will make sure these children don't go hungry.

Better that you should give the money to the local children's hospital or local charities so orphans who did not have a rich father might be able to have some of the same benefits Williams' children will get.
Well that may well be Bob but either the family/Broncos set up a children's fund. I don't have the details on Darren'ts contract but between a rookie contract, taxes, buying his mother a home (Which was reported much nicer than the one he lived in), a 24 year old guy having fun-Which I don't blame him one bit, there may not have been much left over. I'm sure Darrent's financial plan didn't include not playing beyond his second year.

I think if everyone takes the position that "somebody else will do something for him" than the kids may infact be left high and dry by the time they reach 18 years old and want to go to college etc.

I do agree with you Bob that there are plenty of other children in Denver that probably need help just as much help and we should do our part to help them as well.

Whether we help Darrent's children or other children in the Denver area I think Darrent would appeciate it.
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