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Originally Posted by Natedog24 View Post
Basically the Giants just replaced Schmidt with someone who has put up worst numbers in his career and someone who costs a lot more. It plugs a hole, but they overpaid for him big time.
You gotta love it when a guy posts the worst numbers of his career and it's a 3.80 ERA. In the NL that equates to 3.20. I'll take that.

Overpaid, no doubt. But the entire market is overpaid. Atleast Zito has flawless mechanics and is the best bet of any SP in the majors to take his turn every 5th day. Durability is GOLD, and that's what they paid for. Schmidt has been on the DL at one time or another every year the past 4 years. He is now 33. He's a pitcher who relies on sheer power yet his fastball that once was 98 is now 92. His best days are long gone.

As crazy as this sounds, this is a safe move for the Giants. They know what they're paying for. Can the Dodgers say the same about Schmidt or Penny?
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