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Originally Posted by GonzoLays View Post
The Lakers would not want Miller; he cannot shoot. Jackson likes his PG's to be able to knock down 18-20 footers with consistency. Acquiring Miller would be like getting Gary Payton again and we all know how that turned out.

Jackson likes guys like Paxson, Kerr, Armstrong, Parker and Farmer. Guys who can actually shoot. That is why they went overseas and signed Shammond Williams, who is a hell of shooter but not much of a playmaker.

Something about the Triangle offense that requires the PG to be able to knock down jumpers with consistency.

Andre In Play?: Don’t pick up that Andre Miller Sixers jersey just yet. Word is Andre may be on the move again as teams have been gauging Philly’s commitment to him. Word is they may be willing to re-trade him for the right parts. Miller was a perfect fit for the 76ers as they started life after Iverson, but the common belief is Andre was not happy to go from a winner to a loser, and that if a better spot could be found his people have encouraged a deal. The Lakers had been linked to interest as have the Cavaliers, so there are teams on the phone. The question becomes what's the package, and would that package give Philly enough chips to land two picks in the top of the 2007 draft class? It’s been said several times that Philly views either Greg Oden, Kevin Durant or Joakim Noah as their next franchise guy – could dealing Andre Miller now yield a shot at two of the three? Wouldn’t that be a steal for the 76ers?
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