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Originally Posted by GonzoLays View Post
Tell me about it. **** BILLY KING!! That ****ing moron.

What deal would you have taken, Nuggs?

Theo Ratliff (expiring contract), your pick of Telfair, West or Rondo, Gerald Green and Boston's 2007 first round pick/2009 first round pick


Andre Miller and two late 2007 first round picks

If you were Philly's GM, what deal would you take? All Nuggs homerism aside.
Presumably, only the Boston 2007 pick would be better, and likely only by half a dozen places given how terrible the East is and how much better Boston would be compared to the competition (they could honestly be a top 3 team in the East with KG and Shaq out indefinitely). By 2009, they ought to be better unless you (King in this case) are counting on KG+Pierce not working. So I don't see the picks working TOO much in Boston's favor.

GG is the kicker though.

Current talent is a wash with Joe Smith+Miller vs a Boston PG, Green, and Ratliff.

Boston's is definitely better.
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