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Originally Posted by angryllama View Post
If we're trading potential for superstars, let's trade Devin Harris for Gilbert Arenas. I'm hopping on that train right now! Im sure the Wizards would take Austin Croshere and Devin for Arenas.

Can you not at least try to be rational? Just a little bit? Why are you the king of un-logical thought? Were you hit in the head with too many soccer balls as a young child? Why? Why do you keep reeling me in with your stupid musings? Why do I keep biting?

Ahh b****, here it goes:

1) Devin Harris is 23 years old, Gil Arenas is 24 years old. When superstars are traded for potential, they are usually old. The scenario we are discussing is for a guy who is in his 30's. Why am I telling you this?

2) Devin Harris? You are talkin' about Devin Harris? Devin Harris? Who the **** is Devin Harris? He is nothing but an undersized two guard. We got a guy just like him, Delonte West (who came in the same draft class as Harris) but you don't see me even uttering his name in idiotic, hyperbolized trade ideas like you just did to prove some point only you understand!? Delonte West actually had a better season last year than Devin Harris. WhY!!

3) Who in the hell would want Devin Harris? Why, man? He is not a top anyone's shopping list. Why even mention him? You can trade Devin Harris. You know for who? Delonte West. That is who in the **** you can get for Devin Harris. Delonte ****ing West.

Not anymore, llama. Nope. Not anymore. Go **** with Clockwork or Ryhmes or Nuggs4 with your un-logical posts. You are not catching me anymore. Hell no. When I read your posts, I get ill. I hate reading your posts. I now understand why you say you prefer to communicate over a message board instead of in person. You can live long on the streets with all the whack ass **** that you say. You can't .

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