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Allen Iverson

Originally Posted by GonzoLays View Post
Tell me about it. **** BILLY KING!! That ****ing moron.

What deal would you have taken, Nuggs?

Theo Ratliff (expiring contract), your pick of Telfair, West or Rondo, Gerald Green and Boston's 2007 first round pick/2009 first round pick


Andre Miller and two late 2007 first round picks

If you were Philly's GM, what deal would you take? All Nuggs homerism aside.
I'm a big Rondo fan, so the Celtics deal if he's a part. I'm not as convinced that Gerald Green is for real as you are, so if it's Telfair or West, I take the Nugs deal. That's not being a Nugs homer. That IS possibly being a Dre homer though.
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