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Originally Posted by Nuggets4 View Post
Gonzo, I totally agree that Green and Jefferson have the potential to be better than Deng and Gordon, I'm just not sure they'll reach that potential. I love Jefferson, but he's still wildly inconsistent. The question is if Minnesota would be willing to roll the dice on the potential for greatness or for the safe thing. Knowing Kevin McHale, he'd probably just trade Garnett for expiring contracts.
If Mchale trades Garnett for expiring contracts, he is a bigger idiot than Billy King. That team is cap strapped because of all his moronic signings: Marko Jaric, Troy Hudson, Trenton Hassell, and trading for Mark Blount. All those guys are performing under what their contract is worth. And they all have years left on their deal. Minny will not be under the cap before 2010 will all that crap they on the roster.

If Mchale is smart, he starts to shop KG right now; before KG demands a trade. I would look for young talent (preferably a big man), a couple of draft picks (since he has trade away all of his) and an expiring contract to make the deal work because KG earns 22 mill.

The deal with Chicago doesn't make sense for Chicago, IMO. Let's say they do Gordon, Thomas, Deng and PJ Brown for Garnett. Who do they have left? Hinrich, Shefolosha, Wallace, KG, Nocioni, Duhon and Malik Allen. That lineup is a slight upgrade over what KG had in Minny sans Wallace. To me, the Chicago deal is unlikely.

Boston on the other hand, is loaded with youth and the prized expiring contract of Theo Ratliff. We could send across Al Jefferson (the crucial big), Gerald Green (the tantalizing potential guy), their pick of a PG (Telfair, Rondo or West) and couple of draft picks. Then KG gets to lineup with a true superstar in Pierce, Kendrick Perkins, Wally Z, and whatever PGs they do not choose. That makes sense.

If Minny were to take Chicago's deal, there is not much upside to it. Luol Deng is great, but he is going to be a 18-20 pt guy his whole career until he learns how to shoot from the outside. Tyrus Thomas is an undersized big (measured out to be 6'7" without shoes at the predraft camp) and Gordon is an undersized two guard. Not the the best deal in the world, IMO. Now, if they throw in their 2007 first round pick (New Yorks) then we will not be having this conversation. KG is theirs. But then again, it doesn't make much sense for Chitown to do it because their team is depleted with no cap room.
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