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Tim Tebow

The thug factor is overrated. As the chick from Espn's page 2 notes the "thug" tag is from "the answer's" refusal to accept the corporate nba image. You do that, and a lot of things are overlooked. It's not what you do so much as your attitude doing it. Smoking herb, comes to mind (I think I'll opt for a beer instead, as if I smoke herb my kid gets taken away and I lose my job, so **** you NBA, as I live my life on the square cause I have to. And that's the NBA's real problem. Stan the Man may be selling the nuggs over the avs today, but the NBA longterm has a fan base problem. Anyway, melo is pretty close to "non-thug" status. Herb isn't a big deal, but real men drink scotch ... and smoke winstons if they smoke).

This deal is a lot better than having English and Issel, primarily because Camby plays D. Those of you saying 'the answer' is at point, arent' reading what Karl's saying. He wants "the answer' shooting, but not with the ball in his hand coming down the floor on half court. The nuggs are closer to where they were with natt, fats and cooper than ever before. For those of us who remember, Moe coached D when he had Fats, Coop and Natt. Get a PG who can man up on a 6-5 shooter, Camby does, and Melo can play D. Nene ... honestly I haven't seen but two games since he hurt the knee.

IMO the real problem will be "the answer's" effect on melo. Melo goes thug, and the fans turn on him. If Melo doesn't go thug, will 'the answer" call him out? We'll see. Supposedly "the answer" has matured and wants a championship more than anything ....including being a thug? OK, he can be thug, but will he let melo keep the team and relative non-thug status?
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