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M. Salah

Originally Posted by DomCasual View Post
2. Philly should have traded Iverson last summer and stupidly held onto him when everybody KNEW they stunk and he'd end up flipping out before Christmas. What was the point of holding onto him? Well, other than to delude your season-ticket holders into re-upping for another season before dealing your best player and going into full-fledged "Tank For Oden" mode. Sleazy move to stick it to your fans like that.

3. If the Sixers' ultimate goal was to swap Iverson for young players, draft picks and cap space, why not deal with Boston then? Considering how badly Boston wanted Iverson, they would have agreed to any trade not involving Pierce or Jefferson (even a trade with multiple first rounders) ... but we'll never know because Philly didn't want to trade with someone in their own division. Which sounds good on paper, until you remember that Philly will be rebuilding for the next 3-4 years. Who the hell cares who's in their division then? Ludicrous.
I generally like Bill Simmons, but in this case he can't have it both ways. He says first that Philly stuck it to fans by keeping AI so they re-upped on their tickets. Then in the next breath, he says who cares about rivalries, same division etc.

Fans care! Let's take a hypothetical. Let's say the Nuggets are rebuilding and they trade Carmelo to Utah. Let's say the deal is great, 5 first round picks or something. But then let's say Utah gets hot and wins the championship. Great trade or not, I guarantee you have a TON of Nugget fans who are pissed. Guaranteed. So to say that it's open and shut they should have traded with the Celtics, I don't buy that. You'd be screwing fans just as much, IMO, by trading him to a division rival.
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