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Originally Posted by Taco John View Post
Man, you ahve to take a lot of nutmeg... and If I remember correctly, we had to take it with shots, because nutmeg is only soluable in alchohol. By the end of the experience, you have serious, grave reservations about eggnog...

I repeat, it's pretty much the worst thing I've ever done. I can only imagine just how terrible that experience would be in the slam.
To continue that story, I couldn't find any nutmegs in mom's cabinets so the next day after school, I went into the whole foods store to get the legit, organic nutmegs. I wasn't ****ing around. So I walk into the store and ask the clerk where the whole nutmegs were and she smiled and pointed to the spice isle. I go back there, put about a pound of them in a bag and walk to the front counter and the cashier says, "Oooh, nutmeggies."

I was like, "damn, does everybody know about this ****? Where have I been." I paid for the nutmegs and jetted out there like I was buying some illegal drugs.

I went home, grinded them up, put them in a glass of water and downed it like I was chugging a beer. And I just sat. Waited for it to kick in. And I sat some more. I don't know if I got high, but I sure knew I felt like an idiot for trying it. It was quite disappointing actually. I was all hyped up like it Christmas only to find out I had been duped. I was pissed. Ahh, to be in high school again. Good times.
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