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Originally Posted by Nuggets4 View Post
Makes too much sense on many levels to not happen. That said, I hope he stays in Minny. If the Wolves get a good enough deal, they'll be a scary team (something like Gordon, Deng and PJ Brown). With Garnett, they're cap strapped and stuck with guys like Mike James (who? And that joke never gets old), Ricky Davis (who's just behind Steven Jackson in the craziness ratings) and Mark Madsen tied in for a while, they're stuck in purgatory.
The Bulls do not have a chance in hell if Boston wanted him. The Celtics have the ending contracts and better 'potential' players than the Bulls. Ben Gordon and Luel Deng are alright, but they are second scoring option type of players. The Celtics can offer to legit, first option, franchise type guys in Gerald Green and Al Jefferson. Plus, if you consider that Jefferson is 6'10" post player, it makes Boston deal even more enticing.
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