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Chad Kelly

Brilliant move by the Nuggets.

1) They become the lead's biggest draw. More TV appearances.

2) Iverson is one of the greatest athletes of our generation. An absolute pleasure to watch on the court.

3) Melo, Iverson and Smith? That is almost criminal.

3) Instant credibility. When you mention teams you do not want to face in the playoffs, the Nuggs automatically top that list. In a seven game series, plays go out the window and straight talent wins. Who can break down their guy better and get to the hoop? Who can knock down the jumper? With two number one options like the Nuggs have, nobody can really stop them because Iverson and Melo can simply breakdown the defender who is guarding them. Nobody needs to setup those guys. They are simply better then the guy across from them (and that goes for about 99% of the league).

It's not fair.

I hate you all.
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