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Originally Posted by Breck Bronc View Post
After my alma mater got into the brawl with Florida International I realized much of the criticism is racially motivated. ESPN spent an entire week trying to destroy the University of Miami. Woody Paige called for the program to shut down. I don't recall him saying that the Nuggets or Knicks should do the same.

Stuff like Thug U or the Denver Thuggets is what gets me. I never heard anyone call the Cubs the Chicago Thugs after what Michael Barrett or Kyle Farnsworth have done in the last few years.

As others have said, one on one fights are part of hockey. When people like Todd Bertuzzi in 2004 go way over the line it makes big news, but they're never called the names that the black athletes in football and basketball are.
Miami's brawl was awful, and what took the cake was the idiot move by that player who used ghetto brutality while on camera. This riot behavior is imitative of gang behavior. The association is an obvious one, and because it's a common sense association doesnt mean that there isnt any truth in it, because there is.

We all know the type. I played football with them. Our Bertuzzi was a crazy white guy that snapped, would lose all sense of awareness, and would scare onlookers because he did not feel remorse for extremely violent actions, such as stomping on a guy's face repeatedly while he was unconscious. Our Carmelo Anthony was a local gang member that was good at sports (when he played them), who would hang out with drug dealers and gangsters, and would get in fights often for various reasons.

These guys fit stereotypes that we build through personal experience. A stereotype like that is the way that you react with the world around you. One race of people is not composed entirely of people that fit these stereotypes. All white people arent serial killers or white trash and all black people arent gangsters, but some are, and those extremes are what we talk about because they evoke emotional reactions. When some half-minded goober like Bertuzzi or those Miami football players display the type of behavior that reinforces the stereotype, it's their own fault.
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