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Chad Kelly

See, that is why I can't watch Nascar: too many hillbilly thugs whoopin' up on each other after the races.

What is wrong with those guys? Do they not know how to control their emotions? If I wanted to see some backwood hillbillies fight, I would turn on Mid-South wrastlin'.

Those guys in Nascar are a disgrace.

Same with hockey. Nascar's ugly older brother. I don't understand that culture. It's like an international redneck convention. Everybody has a mullet, missing three teeth. That is some backwoods stuff right there. And those dudes can't even control their emotions for god's sakes. Every two minutes, they are fighting each other. What is wrong with those people? If there was ever a sport for rednecks, hockey is it.

Hockey is truly a disgrace to all Americans. They should outlaw the sport. A bunch of barbaric, uneducated hillbillies mullet fighting every two minutes. I bet you they developed the sport of hockey in the penitentiary. They had to. If those guys weren't playing hockey, they would be out drunk driving and robbing people. A bunch of thugs in that sport.
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